S.W.O.T. Analysis

March 25, 2010

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Business majors often need these reports for their assignments, but they have other uses as well.  Whether you are looking for a solid bank, planning to invest, or have an upcoming interview, you can quickly find a lot useful information about a company if there is a S.W.O.T. analysis available.

We now have two databases with these reports:

Business & Company Resource Center (All Campuses)
on campus  |  off campus

TIP: Enter the name of your company as a company search. Select the best match after looking at the company location (headquarters) and revenue. After clicking on your company, look for a DOWNLOAD S.W.O.T. link above the company name.

Business Source Complete (All Campuses)
on campus  |  off campus

TIP:  Click on SWOT Analyses in the sidebar on the right. In the Browse for box, enter the name of your company. Click on the name of the company in the results (if there is one—there are SWOT reports for a lot of companies, but not every company has one). Under the All Issues column, choose the most recent report.


CountryWatch Database Features Haiti

January 17, 2010

The CountryWatch database is featuring Haiti during the post-earthquake crisis that that nation is coping with. As the featured country, a report statement concerning this current event and links to newswire stories about Haiti are highlighted on the database homepage. Other factual information reports focus on the political conditions, national security, foreign relations, government structure, foreign investment climate, biographies of national leaders, history, economic overview, people and culture, human rights, and other topics specific to Haiti.

CountryWatch is a reliable provider of data on almost 200 nations. A weekly political intelligence briefing is written by CountryWatch’s editor, and is intended to inform users of important political events developing throughout the world.  These articles are arranged chronologically from the most recent to the least recent entries.

Online Videos from the Harvard Business School

November 30, 2009

Business Source Complete has recently added videos from the HBS executive education programs.

To see the HBS videos (if you’re connected to the JWU network on campus), click on the following link (and then click on the button for “Videos”):

HBS Videos in Business Source Complete (All Campuses)
on campus 

You can sort the videos by date or by title.

Another way to access the videos is to click on “Business Videos” when you are looking at Business Source Complete main search page:

Business Source Complete (All Campuses)
on campus  |  off campus

…then type “harvard” to see all the videos, or enter a keyword to search for videos on a particular topic.

Happy viewing!

New Video – Job Search in the 21st Century

November 18, 2009

A new streamed video has just been added to our Films on Demand database called “Job Search in the 21st Century.”   The video is 25 minutes and details how to utilize the Web and social networks to enhance job prospects.   To access this video go to the library homepage, select databases from the menu and scroll down to “Films on Demand.”  Once you are in the database do a title search for “Job Search in the 21st Century.”

Creating Quality Presentations

October 23, 2009

Do you have a presentation due for a business class project (or any other project, for that matter)?  Are you having a tough time designing a PowerPoint presentation that looks professional?  Are you struggling to find a way to add pizzazz to your topic?

There’s help available in Academic Search Premier, a database that has hundreds of articles on presentations.  There are articles with advice on choosing the best colors and font sizes, finding professional-quality stock images, using the 90-second rule, appropriate use of video, etc.

One quick way to find these articles is to do a subject search for business presentations.  Use the link for Academic Search Premier (below) and enter business presentations as a subject (see the screenshot below…you can limit to full text articles by putting a check in that box):

 Academic Search Premier (All Campuses)
on campus  |  off campus


By the way, if you’d like to see articles about speaking in public, use public speaking as a subject search.

Good luck!

NEW DATABASE! Global Road Warrior

October 13, 2009

The library has purchased access to a fabulous new database: Global Road Warrior. Focused on countries and their cultures, this database is an excellent tool for looking up points of interest, travel essentials, business culture for women, and demographics. There are also maps and images!

Global Road Warrior (Charlotte, No. Miami, Providence Campuses)

on campus |  off campus

eBook – The American History Cookbook

September 24, 2009

The American History Cookbook by Mark Zanger covers a wide range of American history cookery from the pre-colonial to school lunches.  Many of the recipes were selected from historical cookbooks with the intention to illuminate techniques used by the people of the time, and thus history.  The book is arranged chronologically by time periods (50 Chapters in total) and each chapter opens with a brief historical background then gives a typical recipe of that period.   The recipes include detailed instructions on how to prepare the dish authentically with instructions for substitutes for hard to find ingredients and difficult techniques.

American History Cookbook

The American History Cookbook is available as an eBook through Greenwood Digital Collection database.  To access this resource go to the library homepage, select databases, then scroll down to Greenwood Digital Collection and choose your location (either on or off campus).  Once you are in the database, click on “American History” subject heading to expand your options, then expand “American History (General)” and you’ll see The American History Cookbook.