The Chef’s Garden; A Model of Sustainability

January 26, 2009

Located in Ohio’s Huron County, the Chef’s Garden is a laboratory, seed bank and research-and-development center. I didn’t know that until I read about it in the current issue (January ’09) of The National Culinary Review, the official magazine of the American Culinary Federation. The article titled Back To Our Roots, by Jan Greenberg, emphasizes the trend toward sustainability in farming and food production techniques. Over 500 chefs visited the farm last year. The farm attempts to provide the chefs with what they need and want, rather than the chefs having to make do using what is produced in conventional farms. The point is made that using the best ingredients makes any chef’s job easier and results in having happier customers.

The National Culinary Review is a monthly publication. Current and back issues (2002 to the present) are located in the Library. Electronic access is also possible by searching for articles in LexisNexis Academic, Biography Resource Center, Business & Company Resource Center, General Business File ASAP, Science Resource Center, Academic Search Premier, and MAS Ultra – School Edition.


Journal Locator

November 10, 2008

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