Updates to the Library Catalog: Encore!

August 28, 2008

We now have a new way to search the library catalog! Encore search acts more like a Web search and allows you to narrow search results by publish date, location, format, language, and more.

You can also browse the catalog holdings by clicking on the nifty subject cloud on the right-side menu or scroll down to see items most recently added to the collection.

Try it out HERE or go to the URL:  library.jwu.edu/florida and click on the link to Library Catalog.

Let us know what you think!


Access to Databases

August 26, 2008

Accessing a database from the Library’s research resources is as simple as clicking the “on campus” hyperlink when you are on campus.  When you are not on campus, most JWU resources will prompt you to type your first name, last name, and the 14-digit barcode number on your Johnson & Wales University I.D.  If you are asked to use other login methods, please follow the instructions that are provided.

Check out the study rooms!

August 20, 2008

The Library has been “refreshed”.  Please check out the new “Red Room” and “Blue Room” for group meetings, quiet studying, or just to hang out in the Library.  Please sign in at the front desk to book your time in the coolest rooms on campus.

Popular and Best-selling Books

August 18, 2008
JWU Popular Book Section

JWU Popular Book Section

This fall the JWU Library North Miami Campus will offer a rotating collection of popular and best-selling books.  Each month the library will exchange at least 10 books from its collection of 200 for 10 new ones to keep the collection up to date.  Students can find the popular and best-selling books at the front of the library adjacent to the periodical display case.  The same borrowing terms apply.

Book Sale

August 12, 2008

We are having a book sale!

 Come into the library now and browse the sale cart for books on a variety of topics including those from culinary, criminal justice, business, and hospitality concentrations.


Getting Around

August 12, 2008

Google Maps has made some nice features available that will help newcomers get around the area a little easier.  Click on the Maps link on the top row of any Google page. Select the Get Directions link to enter starting and ending locations.  Get Directions includes options such as avoiding highways and/or toll roads.  The Traffic button informs you of current traffic conditions, or you can enter the date and time you expect to travel.  The anticipated traffic conditions are conveyed in a color coded map.  You can choose directions when using a car, public transportation, or select the new option for walking directions.  The route is mapped in a darker shade of blue.  You can click and drag the route to view alternate map routes.  When the Street View option is activated, you can see and print an actual photo of buildings and landmarks, that will help orient you when you are actually on the street and not at your computer.  Navigate Street View by using an icon that can be dragged to a particular location or simply double click any blue outlined street. 


Another way to use the Maps function is to enter a search term, such as North Miami pizza.  Select Maps, and the results of North Miami pizza stores will be presented in both text and map view.  Then choose the option of going by car, public transportation, or walking.  The results include estimated time when using public transportation, and estimated time and distance when travelling by car or walking.