Recommended Reading: The Ring in the Rubble

April 27, 2010

Unexpected change can happen at any time. Gary Bradt, author of The Ring in the Rubble, uses the metaphor of change, the kind that leaves one’s life turned upside down and in a pile of rubble, to be the time of significant personal growth and renewal.

The image of digging through a pile of rubble is used to describe the process that one goes through in order to find the opportunities that are part of any crisis. The choice comes down to staying stuck in negative emotion and attitude, or working through the pain, fear, and uncertainty to find the “golden ring of opportunity” that is hidden in each unique situation.

The author begins each chapter by sharing with the reader how he lived through a serious family crisis and thereby learned the method he shares in the book of how to persevere and find the opportunity in change. Each chapter ends with five questions that assist the reader with applying the concept discussed in the chapter and encourages the reader to dig deeper in order to grow and benefit from the process.


Librarian’s Pick: Environmental Crime: A Sourcebook

April 5, 2010

The purpose of the book Environmental Crime: A Sourcebook by Ronald G. Burns and Michael J. Lynch is to focus on the need for those who study crime and justice to use environmental data more. The point is made that environmental crimes not only cause damage to nature, though that in itself is significant. Estimates suggest that ten times more people die from the results of environmental crimes than die from homicide. The estimated number of victims who suffer debilitating diseases and injuries due to exposure to toxins is in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps reaching a million. The authors state that these “deaths, injuries, and illnesses are more common, and have a greater impact on the average person than ordinary crime.”

The strength of this book is that it is not only for criminal science students. The environment affects all of us. Reading just a chapter or two will raise your consciousness about why this topic is important to you.

NPR – Best Books of 2009

December 11, 2009

NPR has a really nice section on their site devoted to books of the year:

Writing For the Fashion Business

April 6, 2009

Writing for the Fashion Business, by Kristen K. Swanson and Judith C. Everett, is a brand new book we recently received in the library. It is a text book focused on developing writing skills, and the aplication of writing skills in the fashion industry. Although writing may not be the first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking about fashion, the reality is that as a professional in the fashion business, you will need to be able to express yourself effectively through writing.

Part one explains the various writing levels involved in fashion. The primary level has to do with the raw materials producers. The secondary level pertains to apparel manufacturers. The retail level consists of businesses that buy from the secondary level and sell to consumers. The auxiliary level consists of fashion media and journalists, promotion and advertising agencies, information resources, and professional or trade organizations that assist fashion businesses in communicating within the industry and to the consumer. Part one also describes writing technique, developing a vocabulary appropriate for the fashion industry, and using correct grammar and format.

Part two describes fashion journalism, including writing for newspapers, magazines, and broadcast media. Part three focuses on fashion promotion communication which includes writing for advertising, public relations, and the new media of web pages and blogs. Part four explores scholarly writing, writing books, business communications, and personal messages such as resumes and letters.

Appendixes include: grammar mechanics, documentation format, effective document design, web source location and evaluation, and oral presentation. The book also has a glossary and index.

Becoming acquainted with this book will enhance your own knowledge and skills, and may open the door to a creative and rewarding career.