2010 Census

March 15, 2010

The 2010 Census forms are currently being mailed. If you do not receive a Census form, the advice from Dr. Robert M. Groves, U.S. Census Bureau Director, is to be patient. If you have not received your form by April 12th, you may contact a help-line at the Bureau by calling one of the following toll free phone numbers:
• English: 1-866-872-6868
• Chinese: 1-866-935-2010
• Korean: 1-866-955-2010
• Russian: 1-866-965-2010
• Spanish: 1-866-928-2010
• Vietnamese: 1-866-945-2010
• TDD (Telephone Display Device for the hearing impaired): 1-866-783-2010
• Puerto Rico (in English): 1-866-939-2010
• Puerto Rico (in Spanish): 1-866-929-2010
The Bureau will post locations of Questionnaire Assistance or Be Counted centers on 2010Census.gov on March 18th. You can complete a Be Counted questionnaire at one of these centers, if you have not received your form, beginning March 19 through April 19.  Households  that do not return a form will be visited by a Census worker during the months of May through July.