Investment Reports in Business & Company Resource Center

Did you know that you have access to investment reports through some of our business databases?  If you are researching a company or an industry, you may find these reports useful.

Business & Company Resource Center offers an easy way to find investment reports.  Follow these steps to access them…we’ll use Office Depot as an example of company we’re researching:

Start by clicking on the link to our databases:

Choose Business & Company Resource Center

Enter the name of the company as a company search:


Click on the company (use the ticker symbol and/or the headquarter location to choose the correct one):


Click on the Investment Reports tab:


Click on the titles of the investment reports that are the most current.  If you are researching an industry, repeat the process using the names of the top companies of that industry.  If you need help finding the top companies, use the Rankings tab when you are looking at the details for a particular company.

Happy researching!


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