Academic (new resource) Academic offers in-depth reports for numerous industries.  In general, the reports contain info on demographics, market size, market trends, growth & shares, forecasts, analysis of major brands, new product introduction trends, industry forces, company profiles, and consumer trends & buyer behavior.

The reports in Academic are written by the following publishers:
Kalorama Information
Packaged Facts
Simba Information
Icon Group International, Inc.
Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

The content includes current and historical information on markets and industries, ranging from Consumer Goods to Life Sciences & Technology.  Some reports that cover industries related to JWU’s programs include the following:
Food & Beverage
Food Service & Hospitality
Travel & Leisure
Technology & Media

You can browse through 40 categories of reports, or you can search by using keywords that are related to your industry.

The advanced search lets you search by keywords in the title of the reports, or you can search for keywords within the full text of the report.  The results are displayed with the name of the report, a brief summary, and the year of publication. 

Warning: there are some reports in this resource that were published over 10 years ago.  For your projects, be sure to use the reports that are the most current.

Note1:  If your browser is set up with a pop-up blocker, you may want to disable it before using this resource.  Another workaround for the pop-up blocker issue is to follow the dialog boxes (“If the report does not automatically open after a few moments, please click here.”) to open your report in a new window.

Note2:  Don’t be intimidated by the cost listed for each report; the reports are free for JWU faculty, students and staff through our subscription. Academic can be found alphabetically with the other JWU market research resources by going to:

If you have any questions, pleases don’t hesitate to call or IM us.

Happy searching!

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