Giving Back (book review)

Giving back : connecting you, business, and community / Bert Berkley, Peter Economy
HN65 .B46 2008

This quick read is a useful resource for those in the business community who want make a difference in their immediate local communities.  There is a recurring theme in this work that showcases successful business leaders who create organizations to help their communities directly, rather than relying on government or outsiders to do it.  In the forward, Harvey Mackay describes the book as a tool for individuals to use as an “easy-to-follow blueprint for making a real difference in the world around them.”

Included in the book are descriptions some outstanding socially-responsible programs created by leaders of these well known companies:

Stonyfield Farm
The book also features excellent narratives of the early beginnings of these successful organizations:

Horizons for Homeless Children
SPORTS for San Diego

The leaders of each of these organizations are interviewed at the end of each chapter.  Thoughtful advice is given in chapter 10 for CEOs interested in starting a new organization.  For the rest of us (non-CEOs), in chapter 9, there are descriptions of organizations that enable individuals to give back to their communities.

The book is fully indexed and chapter headings are clearly laid out in the top margin of each page.  Additionally, there is a useful appendix with 14 web resources for researching, connecting, networking, and interacting with charitable organizations.  Phone numbers, fax numbers, and snail mail addresses are given for these resources as well.  Come in and check it out.


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