Green Careers

The publishers of The Herb Companion Magazine have created the web site to assist job seekers locate positions working in the new green economy. The green job market includes the energy, environment, skilled trades, and transportation industries. The site can be searched by job title, location, and keyword and there is an advanced search option. The latest jobs posted are linked from the home page. The site has an RSS feature. Testing the site revealed several positions when using search terms such as: chef, accountant, training coordinator, account manager, executive administrative assistant, and business development coordinator. Candidates can post their resumes to an online account as well as create job alerts and save customized searches. The Resources tab opens to several green-specific resource sites, useful articles from Mother Earth News, and general career resource sites. Employers can post jobs and search the online resume database.


3 Responses to Green Careers

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  2. Thank you for referencing Mother Earth News! We appreciate the mention, and we’d love it if you could provide a link to our Web site, Thank you again for the mention!

  3. Mary says:

    Hi Megan,

    Thank you for commenting. How did you come upon our blog? Or is there an automatic ongoing search mechanism looking for mention of Mother Earth News anywhere on the web?

    Anyway, nice to hear from you. Mother Earth News is now hyperlinked.


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