Writing For the Fashion Business

Writing for the Fashion Business, by Kristen K. Swanson and Judith C. Everett, is a brand new book we recently received in the library. It is a text book focused on developing writing skills, and the aplication of writing skills in the fashion industry. Although writing may not be the first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking about fashion, the reality is that as a professional in the fashion business, you will need to be able to express yourself effectively through writing.

Part one explains the various writing levels involved in fashion. The primary level has to do with the raw materials producers. The secondary level pertains to apparel manufacturers. The retail level consists of businesses that buy from the secondary level and sell to consumers. The auxiliary level consists of fashion media and journalists, promotion and advertising agencies, information resources, and professional or trade organizations that assist fashion businesses in communicating within the industry and to the consumer. Part one also describes writing technique, developing a vocabulary appropriate for the fashion industry, and using correct grammar and format.

Part two describes fashion journalism, including writing for newspapers, magazines, and broadcast media. Part three focuses on fashion promotion communication which includes writing for advertising, public relations, and the new media of web pages and blogs. Part four explores scholarly writing, writing books, business communications, and personal messages such as resumes and letters.

Appendixes include: grammar mechanics, documentation format, effective document design, web source location and evaluation, and oral presentation. The book also has a glossary and index.

Becoming acquainted with this book will enhance your own knowledge and skills, and may open the door to a creative and rewarding career.


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