Browsing For Feature Films

Have you ever wanted to browse a list of the feature films owned by the library?


You can, of course, search our library catalog for the title of a specific DVD you are seeking, but sometimes folks just want to peruse a list of what we own.


If you would like to see a list, follow the steps below:



Go to the Johnson & Wales University Library:




1. click on the “Library Catalog” link on the left

2. click on “Keyword” link in the blue box to open the advanced search interface

3. enter “motion picture” in the search box

4. choose “–J&W – North Miami, Florida” as the Collection

5. choose “VIDEO/DVD” as a Material Type

6. click on the “Submit” button to see your results


Finally, you can sort the movies by date (default) or alphabetically by title.


You can also try “feature films” as another keyword phrase in your search.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask…


-by using the instant message feature (meebo) in the upper-right pane of this blog.


-by phone:  305-892-7043


-or stop by, we’re happy to help.

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