The King and Queen of Spices

If you didn’t know that pepper is the King of spices, then you might not be aware that cardamom is considered to be the Queen of spices. The January, 2009 edition of The Herb Companion can help fill you in on the details of how the aromatic herb, cardamom, earned its regal recognition. The article “The Spice Is Right: Discover Cardamom” by William Woys Weaver, provides a brief history and description of cardamom (it is native to the monsoon forests of southern India and Sri Lanka, it was mentioned in ancient Sanskrit, and it is a member of the ginger family) and suggests additional ways the herb can be used in food and beverages. The oil is used in perfumes and medicines. The cardamom plant likes warm climates and can be grown in your Florida herb garden.

The Library subscribes to The Herb Companion. It is a bimonthly publication.


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