Herb Companion Essay Contest

The Herb Companion is celebrating its 20th anniversary. To add to the festivities, you are invited to enter an essay contest on the topic of what you image the role herbs will play 20 years from now. In 600 words or less, convey your vision of the difference herbs will make in our future. Winners are eligible to receive prizes with a total value of up to $750. For a complete list of rules and to enter online, visit http://www.herbcompanion.com and type “essay contest” for the search term.

3 Responses to Herb Companion Essay Contest

  1. vassa says:

    Win my mansion, where dreams can come true. Essay and photo contest.

  2. vassa says:

    this contest is finally gaining some legs.
    there are 2 approaches, internet and the”ground game” where individuals can promote the contest and earn $10 per entry they promote
    i believe they have a little over 700 entries now, it goes until sept 30, 2009
    and they have this really funny cool video coming out shortly..
    i have been in the home and it is really fabulous..

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